Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Aquaman and Salty

  Yesterday I asked for ideas for drawings this week. I had just finished my comic and coloring book projects and my mind was kind of blank. I got two suggestions. One for a kitty superhero (which will be done tomorrow hopefully) and one for Aquaman. For those that don't know Aquaman is my favorite superhero. I know he has a reputation for being "lame" and that's cool if you think he is, I said he's my favorite hero I didn't say he was yours. Anyway I am always reluctant to draw him. I want to do him justice. And to be honest there is no way anyone could top the way Ivan Reis draws him. But I decided to get over my anxiety and go for it. I was thinking of an image of Aquaman that hasn't been done yet. In case you didn't know Aquaman has a dog. His name is Salty. Being a dog person myself I love the fact that Aquaman has a dog. So I decided that maybe I could just show my favorite hero and his buddy going for a nice quiet walk on the beach. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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