Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Blue Beetle

  As a kid one of my favorite titles was Justice League Of America.I had been watching the Superfreinds cartoon for years and my idea of the Justice League was really based on that. Imagine my surprise when I started collecting comics on a regular basis and realized that Wonder Woman,Aquaman,Superman,and even the Wonder Twins weren't members of the Justice League in the comics! When I came on board DC Comics had just re-booted their entire line with a massive cross over called Crisis On Infinite Earths. As a result a lot of their titles were re booted as well. One of those was The Justice League Of America which I started to collect with issue #5. The members were vaguely familiar to me as I had read some of DC's Who's Who so I knew their back stories but not their personalities. I was interested to learn more about Guy Gardner,Dr. Fate,Black Canary and most of all Blue Beetle! Soon after I started collecting the title Booster Gold Joined the team and he and Beetle became the centerpiece of a lot of the stories. As a result Booster and Beetle have become two of my favorite characters. Here is a Blue Beetle I drew out of love for that character.

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